End of Year Assembly

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This morning we celebrated our end of year assembly, a time of happiness, sadness and celebration.

Sadness in that today, we say goodbye to Mr Posnett as he moves onto the next step in his career at St Nicholas School. As this is a school in our partnership, we are sure to be keeping in touch and working with him in the future.

Happiness as we wish Miss Horsfield and Mr Woollias the very best for their forthcoming wedding over the summer. We look forward to seeing photos of the big day and welcoming them back as Mr and Mrs Woollias in September.

Our biggest celebration without a doubt however was our 100% attendance awards. This year we had many children achieving 100% attendance over the whole academic year, they were:

Lyndon and Oliver in Y1.

Jack, Olivia and Jake in Y2.

Charlee in Y3.

Ciana, Oliver, Ashleigh and Reece in Y4

Callum, Jessica, Jamie and Reece in Y5

However, special mentions must also go to Reece in Y5 for 2 whole years with 100% attendance, Reece in Y4 with 3 whole years 100% attendance.

But the biggest accolade is reserved for Jamie in Y5 whole has accumulated a massive 6 whole years with 100% attendance meaning he has not missed a singhle day since starting in Foundation stage back in 2010. Well done Reece!


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