Football Match Report 24.5.16

Maybury was once again jubilant after defeating Craven Primary School, with a spectacular score of 4-0.

On Tuesday 24th of May, students from Maybury Primary School (East Hull) were over the moon after winning the most prestigious football match (friendly) against Craven Primary School.

Weeks earlier, these two eager schools began training better than ever for the head to head match, which was held at Maybury Primary School. Although the match was only a friendly, the two teams were determined to win. Mr Posnett, who was a quick-thinking referee, was very fair with his decisions.

At approximately 4pm the game kicked off, when Craven did a short pass to the left winger. Several amazing tackles were made. Millie Skinner-aged 10 –made an awesome run down the centre and amazingly scored the first goal of the game. Then a few minutes later Millie did a superb cross to the tough team captain (Chantelle Dunn) and she scored the second goal of the match also she felt proud. The debutants were Oliwia, Chantelle, Millie, Destiny, Amy, Shannon, Dalma (all in Y6) and Isabelle (Y5). Sandra, Oliwia, Ebony and Amitta were substitutes throughout the game although. Additionally, everyone give their all.

Interestingly after the first match, they had a team talk and Millie (Vice Captain) gave us a quick quote. She told us `I believe that everyone played extremely well and personally I think that Amy Hudson and Dalma Szilagyi played great in the first half, I just hope they can keep it up in the second half`.

In the second half, the players played fantastic. Yet again Millie shocked us all with another brilliant goal; she did it with her left foot. Also towards the end of the final half, Destiny made a shot in hope that it would go in and surprisingly it managed to go in the back of the net. Unfortunately, after being given a majority of chances Amy Hudson –who was playing striker- didn’t score any goals. Amy came close to scoring at the end however the whistle blew just before she had chance to score.

After the game we asked the team captain how she felt about the game. She told us`, I am over the moon with the result and I strongly believe that we will win more in the future`.

By Chantelle Dunn and Chloe Rogers Y6 journalists

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