Netball Match Report 27.5.16



After an unfortunate losing streak, magnificent Maybury brought their A-game back to the table by beating Ings Primary School for the second time.


On Friday the 27th of May, the two local primary schools (Maybury Primary and Ings Primary) went head to head in their final match of the season.

At approximately 2:30pm, the match kicked off; everyone was nervous as they desperately wanted to win. As the whistle blew, everybody prepared for the Ings centre pass. Unfortunately for Maybury, after many excellent passes Ings made the first goal. However, Maybury made a swift come back when Chloe Rogers received a pass from their team captain Daniel Fitzpatrick and scored. Additionally, Abbie Goode and Keelan Phillips made some amazing passes too and also scored a goal each.

Interestingly, each quarter, which were very exciting, ended in a draw between both teams. This was until the end couple of minutes. Chloe Rogers and Dalma Szlagyi created some fabulous, quick passes and scored two times in a row.

In the end, the final score was 6-4 to Maybury Primary School; they felt jubilant and proud. Towards the end I managed to gain a quote from Millie Skinner, who was a new player. She told us,” It was a very close game and we all thought it was going to end in a draw in the last quarter. I think everyone played very well, there was a few loopy passes despite that though, it was an awesome game.”

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By yr6 journalist: Chloe Rogers

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