Meet the Staff

Position Staff Member 
Headteacher Mrs A Grantham
Deputy Headteacher  Mrs E Dines 
Assistant Headteacher Mrs C Donnelly 
Designated Safeguarding Lead Mr C Williams
SENDCo Miss J Stowell
F1  Mrs C Damodaran
F2  Mrs S Davey
F2  Mrs E Dines
Y1  Miss A Kellington 
Y2  Miss D Murray
Y3 Miss C Lawrence 
Y4  Mr C Williams 
Y4 Mrs F Woollias
Y5 Mrs V Herdsman
Y5 Mrs C Donnelly
Y6 Mr M Woollias
PPA Teacher Miss K Jackson
Teaching Assistant F1 Mrs C Kirby 
Teaching Assistant F1 Mrs L Scott

Teaching Assistant F2

Mrs D Baron

Teaching Assistant Y1

Mr S Shepherdson
Teaching Assistant Y1 Mrs S Museth
Teaching Assistant Y1 Mrs K Dearlove 
Teaching Assistant Y2 Mrs J Hemsworth
Teaching Assistant Y2 Mrs A Rogers
Teaching Assistant Y3 Mrs C Jennison 
Teaching Assistant Y4 Mrs M Woodall 
Teaching Assistant Y5 Mrs K Johnson
Teaching Assistant Y6 Mrs I Lear
Business Manager  Mrs J Benn
Administration Officer Mrs J Wilson 
Administration Officer  Mrs J Smith 
Chair of Governors  Mr R Morrell 
Site Maintenance Officer Mr R Crawforth
Lunchtime Supervisor Mrs J Pinder
Lunchtime Supervisor Mrs J Needler
Lunchtime Supervisor Mrs S Hamilton
Domestic Assistant Mrs E Blount
Domestic Assistant Mrs S Bradley
Domestic Assistant Mrs D Wreathall