Tuesday 13th April Return to School

Following the successful return to school on Monday 8th March for all of our children, we are now looking forward to all children returning to school after the Easter break. We hope that, as restrictions start to be lifted in England, we will gradually be able to return to a more 'normal approach to school life.  However, for now, the procedures put in place for the return to school in March will remain in place as children return after the Easter break.  The staff have continued to work really hard to ensure that the start of the summer term runs safely and smoothly. 

Please refamiliarise yourself with our Parent Information Booklet so that you remember all the procedures that have been put in place.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school office on 01482 701387.

Maybury Primary School Parent Information Full Opening of School 8th March 2021

In order to keep our children, families and staff safe, a full risk assessment has been completed.

Maybury Primary Risk Assessment April 2021